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December 11th 2020

Are you somebody who loves to chew gum??⁣

You are not alone! Millions of people chew gum every day.⁣ But gum is more than just a candy that freshens your breath before that all-important moment on a first date.?⁣

Chewing gum is linked to some surprising health benefits:⁣

?Protect against dental erosion⁣

Sugar-free chewing gum can help protect your pearly whites after meals by removing food debris and increasing your saliva flow.⁣

⁣?‍♀️Reduce feelings of stress⁣

Have you ever bitten your nails or tapped your leg when you are nervous or stressed? ⁣

The same concept applies to chewing gum. Why not try mynd™CALM chewing gum? It's a CBD gum with ingredients that help to quieten your mynd.⁣

⁣?Lift your mood⁣

Your favorite stick of gum could help to lighten your mood and put a pep back in your day. ⁣

Chew mynd™RECOVERY if you feel rundown and just need that little extra push to get you through the day.⁣

⁣?Support cognitive processes⁣

Chewing gum increases the blood flow to your brain, which can help with many different cognitive processes. ⁣

If you are looking to help keep your mind on track, then mynd™FOCUS is the chewing gum you want to help keep your attention on your task ahead.⁣

?Ward off sleepiness⁣

By continually moving your jaw as you chew gum, you can increase your alertness and ward off that sleepy feeling. ⁣
mynd™ENERGY is a gum that enhances this benefit by using functional ingredients to match your state of mynd.⁣

⁣?️‍♂️Burns calories⁣

You burn 11 calories per hour from chewing gum. While it might not be a whole workout, it's a healthier option than reaching for a bag of potato chips when the mid-day cravings kick in.⁣

Don’t mynd if I do chew mynd™⁣ gum.  ?⚡?✨