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Do you live by the motto, variety is the spice of life?

Or possibly can’t make up your mynd? Maybe, you just want to try them all – why not? The mynd™MIX* is for you. It includes one packet of each mynd™ gum. FOCUS, ENERGY, CALM and RECOVERY.

Forget the cost more than they’re worth, sugar-laden and high calorie options. For less cash, zero sugar and no calories, you can have the state of mynd you want, when you need it!



myndOver Sluggishness. All the goodness of hemp, including promoting balance of your physiological systems so there’s internal stability, working together with the other ingredients to support you feeling alert, awake and less drowsy, so that you can meet the challenges on your terms with a boost of momentum to get it done.

Small and lightweight to carry. As easy as chewing a piece of gum.
Ingredients are quick to be absorbed and fast-acting.
Formulated to provide myndChoices you need now.
So much more than just caffeine – it’s CBD+.

Suggested Use

Choose your State of mynd.
Open packet. Pop one piece in your mouth.
Chew for at least 10 minutes for full benefit.
Do not exceed 6 pieces per day.

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I was so happy to be able to try all the MYND flavors! This variety pack really gives you the best starting value to see which gum suites your needs best. I have decided focus and calm will be my go to MYND packs. Great packaging, and arrived safely and on time.
in with the good, out with the bad


mynd gum

Zero Calories

mynd gum

Sugar Free

mynd gum

Gluten Free

mynd gum

Dairy Free

mynd gum

Natural Flavors

mynd gum

No Artificial Colors

mynd gum

Nut Free

mynd gum

Soy Free

mynd gum


mynd gum

Kosher Pareve

Please Refer to specific mynd product pages – FOCUS, ENERGY, CALM and RECOVERY for the Certificates of Analysis and product details.

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