Life is unpredictable, and sometimes all we can do is hang on for the ride.


?Some days are full of endless deadlines, while others are full of distractions that leave us feeling worn out and tired. There are those days where we have 101 thoughts zooming around in our heads, but we can’t seem to grab hold of any of them long enough.

It’s those days where we could use a little help, something to help us soothe our minds, bring our goals back into focus, give us that boost of energy and help us get back on track.

?One minute it feels as though everything is going according to plan, and before you know it, you are overwhelmed by your sudden lack of control.

When we start to feel stressed, drained, and worn-out, it can harm our wellbeing.

?Our motivation to achieve our dreams starts to slip away. Our productivity starts to decline, and our energy starts to drain, leaving us ready for bed at 2 pm on a Tuesday.

Sometimes we need a little help to shift our mynds. ?

mynd™chewing gum merges CBD, CBG, and functional ingredients so that they work in synergy so you can meet the challenges of the moment.

?Do you have distractions pulling your thoughts in a million different ways?

Aim your attention with mynd™FOCUS.

Are you ready to take a nap at 1 pm on a Monday?

Get the boost you need with mynd™ENERGY.

?Are your thoughts too loud and overwhelming?

Quieten and balance with mynd™CALM.

Don’t know how you are going to get through the rest of the day?

Rally with mynd™RECOVERY.