Life happens! And sometimes we need something extra to cope with the interferences, achieve peak performance, take it down a notch, or simply carry on with it.

No, we’re not talking about coffee this time. ☕ 


Meet mynd™. With mynd™ gum, you do your day, your way. But this isn’t just a caffeine-infused gum or just a CBD infused gum. So what is it? ? 

mynd™ is just the right mix of hemp, nootropics and vitamins formulated to give you specific ‘what you need’ support, all in a delicious piece of gum. It includes premium CBD and CBG hemp cannabinoids. But without artificial colors or flavors, it has zero calories and is sugar, gluten, dairy, soy & nut FREE. And It’s  Kosher Pareve and vegan. ? 


Why use it? You chew it to match your state of being with the moment. Chewing gum allows for the functional ingredients to be absorbed in the mouth, which is up to 5 x faster than when you drink or swallow. So you benefit from speedy results with mynd™ Gum for when you need support sooner rather than later. ? 


When to use it? Every day is OK, as is only occasionally. Morning, noon and night are all perfect times, too. As for that particular event you’ve just thought of? Yeah, you can have your mynd™ gum before, during or after. Whatever it is. ? 


Where to use it? Wherever you want, really – at home, in the office or at play. Have anywhere nice to go? Try on the way. Or already there. Or after you’ve left. What I’m trying to say is, any place is a good place to chew mynd™ gum. ?


How to use it? Depending on the support you need, you get to choose – FOCUS, ENERGY, CALM or RECOVERY -. Then you simply open the respective packet of mynd™ gum, pop a piece in your mouth and chew it for at least 10 minutes. ? Of course, once chewed, please dispose of it properly. 


As for who can use it… just about anyone! Share your pack with your friends, family, co-workers, teammates and neighbors, and let them see for themselves the benefits of mynd™, or better yet, share this post with them first! ?